Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I apply Alfalfa Green?

A: Alfalfa Green pellets can be applied as often as you need, to get the results you want. It is important to note, however, that Alfalfa Green is a slow-release fertilizer. Unlike conventional chemical fertilizers, it takes a while for Alfalfa Green to break down and start releasing nutrients. It could take up to 14 days to see results. This also means there is no chance of chemical burning by applying too much Alfalfa Green.

Why should I use Alfalfa Green instead of other brands of pellet or even just alfalfa hay?

A: Alfalfa Green is processed using extreme heat and steam. This means that we not only don't have to add any synthetic binding agents, but also that any viable weed seeds or pathogens are killed. This heat treatment also means that alfalfa's natural allelopathic chemicals (allelochemicals) are neutralized.

Allelopathy: when a plant releases chemicals to prevent other plants from growing close to it, thus eliminating competition for resources like water and nutrients.

Without the extreme heat process used to make Alfalfa Green, these allelopathic chemicals would stunt, or even kill, the plants that you are trying to grow. Alfalfa hay, or pellets that use synthetic binders, have not undergone this high heat treatment and 1) still contain viable weed seeds and pathogens, and 2) have intact allelochemicals.

What kind of projects can I use Alfalfa Green in?

A: Alfalfa Green pellets are a versatile product with that can be used anywhere you've got soil or plants. From your tomato patch to your lawn, or compost pile- Alfalfa Green puts the life back into your soil. Alfalfa Green pellets also works as a fertilizer by providing a broad spectrum of available nutrients for plants such as flowers, lawns and vegetables. You will get larger and brighter blooms, greener lawns, and bigger produce.

How do you apply Alfalfa Green?

A: Alfalfa Green pellets can be applied several ways:

1) The alfalfa pellets can be mixed into the soil using a disc or other soil mixing equipment, going so small as mixing by hand with a rake or hoe. This works well on areas that do not have vegetation.

2) On vegetated areas, Alfalfa Green can be spread on top as a “top dress” and the pellets will provide a source of nutrients and organic matter as they break down.  

3) Alfalfa Green can also made into an "alfalfa tea" and used as a foliar spray for your flowers, hanging baskets and gardens. For complete instructions, see our Directions for Use page or watch our YouTube video by clicking here.

What makes Alfalfa Green better than other amendments?

A: Alfalfa Green is used to decompact soils, aid in phytoremediation, increase water retention and aeration, boost microbial populations and activity, and speed up reclamation and remediation. It is ideal for homeowners too, being useful for lawn, gardening, and composting needs.  Alfalfa Green pellets contain no binding agents or fillers and are chemical, pesticide and herbicide free. They are as natural as it comes. This means they are safe for anybody to touch, smell or be around- making them ideal for applying in areas where your pets and children play. 

Alfalfa Green pellets as are an environmental friendly and sustainable way to feed your soil and plants. Everybody benefits from Alfalfa Green – people, pets, wildlife, and especially “Mother Nature”. Alfalfa Green makes for a cleaner environment, both during production and application. Unlike manure and synthetic fertilizers, Alfalfa Green pellets have a low salt content and help to create a healthier soil and environment without sacrificing efficiency.

Why is there white fuzz on my soil after using Alfalfa Green?

A: This is normal! When you apply Alfalfa Greenthe beneficial soil microbes and fungi go a little crazy. The white fuzz is a result of the soil microbiology going into overdrive while making use of the new food source. Just scratch it into the surface and go about your business as usual.

Who uses Alfalfa Green?

A: Alfalfa Green is used by everyone from from reclamation and remediation experts to home owners looking to help green up their lawn or boost their produce yields. Alfalfa Green is used across Canada by golf courses, market gardens, greenhouses, homeowners, reclamation and remediation consultants, nurseries, agricultural producers, landscapers, and more! Read our Testimonials here.

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