Alfalfa Green Soil Nutrition is a 100% plant-based soil conditioner, soil amendment, anti-compaction agent, and broad based fertilizer which adds over 20 micro- and macronutrients to balance the soil. Alfalfa Green is one product you can use for all your remediation projects. Currently, Alfalfa Green has been used for projects that look at: salinity uptake, re-establishment of vegetation, degrading hydrocarbons, and prevention of soil erosion.

In addition to the traditional macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K), Alfalfa Green contains a host of micronutrients not found in other fertilizer products. It also contains natural moisture-retaining fibre that boosts soil microbe activity. As the microbes turn the fibre into organic matter, they convert many of the nutrients (those added by the pellets or the pre-existing soil nutrients) into forms available for plant uptake. The decomposition process improves the soil structure by developing compounds that cement small soil particles together into aggregates, allowing for both increased drainage and moisture retention. Decomposition also changes the organic matter into inorganic nutrients that can be used by growing plants.

Alfalfa Green builds a healthy root system by improving soil structure. As the structure of a soil is made more granular and crumbly by decomposing plant fibres and added organic matter, the soil absorbs moisture that would otherwise run off. This results in erosion- and a loss of nutrients in the process.

Good soil structure is essential, and the key to that is organic matter. Improved structure means more micro and macro pores throughout the soil. These pores are where the majority of soil moisture, oxygen, and other essential nutrients are found, and so, are where the entire science of soil occurs- the biology, the chemistry, and the physics. These pores are how which water and air can filter to greater depths within the soil profile, and therefore promote more vigorous root growth and expansion. These pores also help with water movement by providing channels for water. Example, when rain comes after a dry spell, soil that is hard on the surface is more likely to have rapid runoff and erosion than one that is loose and crumbly.

In addition, Alfalfa Green absorbs up to four times its weight in water to help drought-proof your soil. The neutral pH of 6.0-6.2, Alfalfa Green neutralizes acidic soil and buffers alkaline soil, creating a favorable environment for soil chemical reactions and the development of micro-organisms- resulting in sustainable soil health and, as a consequence, healthy vegetation.

Reclamation Customers
Our pellets have been used in the reclamation sector in a variety of situations. Below is a comparison of two leases in Southern Saskatchewan. Both were seeded with a native grass mix at the same time, however the one on the left had Alfalfa Green applied while the one on the right did not. These pictures are taken two years after seeding and demonstrate a significant improvement in vegetative cover in the site treated with Alfalfa Green. The site treated with Alfalfa Green has a good establishment of the native grasses, while the site on the right, without Alfalfa Green has become dominated by leafy spurge and shows poor grass re-establishment.


Alfalfa Green can also be used on areas where soil sterilant has destroyed soil microbial populations resulting in bare spots and nutrient deficiencies.  Alfalfa Green gradually builds up microbe populations, helping in the successful re-seeding of the area. 

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