Sandy Soil Solutions

Sandy soils are a challenge when it comes to land reclamation as they are typically low in organic matter and have poor moisture retention. These qualities make them difficult to get plant cover established. Revegetation, or establishing plant cover, is crucial for ecosite restoration. Plants play a large role in land stewardship by:

  • preventing erosion (with both the above-ground growth and the root mass);
  • protecting the soil from temperature extremes;
  • increasing organic matter, nutrient cycling, and water movement; and
  • providing habitat for a variety of insects, animals, fungi, and microbes.

Remediation sites dominated by sandy soils low in organic matter are highly vulnerable to degradation. Alfalfa Green is a great way to increase the chances of those sites establishing plant cover and kick-starting the soil’s natural rebuilding process.

Alfalfa Green is an excellent source of organic matter as well as adding over 30 micro and macronutrients, minerals, and even a naturally-occurring plant growth hormone. Give Alfalfa Green a try on your sandy soils and boost your chances of remediation success!

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