Restoration projects differ from remediation in that the end goal is to restore the landscape back to its original state or better, whereas remediation aims for a land use productivity that is as good as or better than original.

This distinction brings about a whole set of unique challenges. Alfalfa Green can help address those challenges and increase successful restoration of post-disturbance landscapes. Alfalfa Green builds healthy soil ecosystems by boosting microbial activity and by improving soil structure to improve environmental conditions for plant seedlings, soil chemical and physical processes, and for beneficial microorganisms and fungi. A healthy soil means healthy, productive plants.

As well as supplying over 30 micro and macro nutrients, plant fibers, amino acids, and even a naturally-occurring plant growth hormone, Alfalfa Green is an excellent source of plant fiber and organic matter while buffering pH (see our Advanced Product Analysis for a full list of beneficial components). Available as either Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada or Natural, Alfalfa Greenis an environmentally-friendly organic fertilizer and soil amendment product. 

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