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As consumers become more and more conscious about how their food is produced, many farmers are moving to more natural methods of production. Alfalfa Green is the “green” alternative for producers looking to use natural products while still maintaining high yields. Alfalfa Green contains a wide range micro and macro nutrients, minerals, and amino acids that feed plants by putting life back into the soil.

Alfalfa Green benefits the entire soil complex, from the soil biology to the physics to the chemistry. After applications of Alfalfa Green, microorganism populations explode, plant-available nutrient levels spike, moisture absorption and retention increases, and soil cation exchange capacity improves. The soil environment becomes ideal for root expansion and nutrient uptake.

When your livelihood depends on produce yields, healthy plants can make or break your season’s paycheque. With Alfalfa Green, you can feed your plants from the soil up and boost those beneficial microbes that convert nutrients into available forms. Get the most from your crops by applying Alfalfa Green!


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