Alfalfa Green Fertilizers

Alfalfa Green Soil Nutrition is a 100% plant‐based pellet that is a soil conditioner, a soil amendment, an anti‐compaction agent, and an effective fertilizer that adds over 30 nutrients to balance the soil.

Alfalfa Green is a versatile product perfect for all your gardening projects: flowers, gardens, lawn, container pots, compost pile, etc.

Alfalfa Green will compliment or even replace other products that you may have purchased in the past, such as synthetic fertilizers, manure, and peat. Available as All Natural or Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada, Alfalfa Green is the ideal “green” product choice.

Learn more about how we grow and process alfalfa on our About Alfalfa page!

In addition to the traditional N‐P‐K, Alfalfa Green contains a host of micronutrients necessary for plant growth that aren’t found in most conventional fertilizer products. It also contains a high amount of plant fibres that serve as a natural solution for moisture retention. Alfalfa Green absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water, so adding it to your soil helps drought proof your yard while helping prevent potential flooding damage.

With a neutral pH of 6.0‐6.2, Alfalfa Green neutralizes acidic soil and buffers alkaline soil, creating a favorable environment for the development of micro‐organisms- resulting in a healthy, sustainable, living soil. 

Alfalfa Green builds a healthy root system by improving soil structure.

As the structure of a soil is made more granular and crumbly by decomposing organic matter, the soil absorbs moisture that would otherwise run off, causing erosion and a loss of nutrients in the process. Good soil structure provides channels through which water and air can filter to greater depths. When rain comes after a dry spell, soil that is hard on the surface is much more subject to rapid runoff and erosion than one that is loose and crumbly. 

Organic matter in the soil also ensures a continuous food source for soil organisms. As the organisms decompose the organic materials, they help maintain good soil structure, making the soil a more favorable place for root development. The decomposition process improves the soil structure by developing compounds that cement small soil particles together into aggregates, allowing for both increased drainage and moisture retention. Decomposition also changes the organic matter into inorganic nutrients that can be used by growing plants.

-Diane Relf, Extension Specialist, Environmental Horticulture, Virginia Tech

Publication Number 426‐711, Revised 2001