Golf Courses

Golf course superintendents and turf grass managers across Canada apply Alfalfa Green Soil Nutrition as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment to address a variety of challenges faced throughout the year. In many cases, turf problems cause unwanted work when the course is the busiest. These problems are inconvenient, but luckily, they are and preventable- or at least treatable- with Alfalfa Green.

Golf courses benefit from Alfalfa Green applications.

Alfalfa Green is a revolutionary plant-based product that addresses common turf grass and soil problems while remaining both safe for the applicator and environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional fertilizers, Alfalfa Green feeds the soil by adding over 30 micro and macro nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and even a naturally-occurring plant growth hormone. The soil biology- microbes, microorganisms, and plants alike- flourishes. With no chance of chemical burning, applicators can put down as much Alfalfa Green as they need to get the results they want!

Adding Alfalfa Green improves crucial soil characteristics such as moisture retention, nutrient cycling, compaction, and structure. Improved soil structure allows your soil to: 

  • -retain more water to help with drought-proofing and plant growth while increasing water use efficiency;
  • -absorb more water to flood-proof your turf, prevent erosion, and cleanse your soil of excess dissolved salts; and
  • -increase soil aggregate surface area and the number of micro and macro pores; which means increased cation exchange, increased habitat for micro fauna and root expansion with increased water movement throughout the soil profile.

Alfalfa Green improves soil environmental conditions and brings the life back into your soil.

For more information on how Alfalfa Green impacts turf grass and soils, visit our Alfalfa Green Research page, or contact us for more information!