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Looking for a complete fertility package? Try Alfalfa Green!
Alfalfa Green is a revolutionary product that can be used as a fertilizer, soil conditioner, soil amendment, and anti-compaction agent while remaining environmental and people safe. Designed specifically for city and municipal authorities with your green-spaces in mind, Alfalfa Green is just as good for your soil as it is for your flowers and grass.
Our certified organic Alfalfa Green pellets are 100% plant-based and offer a one-shop-stop solution to the many challenges faced by city planners and park managers. Alfalfa Green is effective not only as a complete fertility package, but also serves to maintain social license the increasingly environmentally-aware public and tighter regulations that mandate the use of environmentally sustainable products.

Alfalfa Green provides versatility for all green space needs. As well as a wide range of micro and macro nutrients, Alfalfa Green benefits your green spaces by:

  • Reduces soil compaction, softens soil
  • Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water, helping to improve drought resistance and flood damage
  • Non-corrosive, so lawn care equipment lasts longer
  • Safe for children, pets, and the environment
  • No applicator license required

The pictures below have been provided by some of our many municipal customers and show Alfalfa Green‘s success on lawns, sports fields, and playgrounds.

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Riding Mountain National Park
Town of Chestermere
Town of Three Hills

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