School Districts

Alongside municipalities, cities, and towns, school districts are making a conscious effort to use more natural products in their lawn and flower bed maintenance regimes. Alfalfa Green is a logical choice. It is environment, pet, and family friendly while remaining efficient and economical. The 5/32” (4mm) pellets are easy to apply and provide even coverage while being safe for the applicator.

The slow-release characteristic of the pellets mean that there is no risk of nutrient burning and that the pellets will supply nutrients for more than a few days after application. In addition to over 30 micro and micro nutrients, Alfalfa Green contains a host of other beneficial ingredients such as available minerals, organic matter, plant fibres and sugars, amino acids, and even a naturally-occurring plant hormone. Whether you mix Alfalfa Green into your potting soil or broadcast the pellets on the surface of your lawns and sports-grounds, you will see the results.

Alfalfa Green is organic, environmentally friendly, economical, long-lasting and worry free. Why would you use anything else?

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