Fertilizer For The Pros

Alfalfa Green Organic Fertilizers fertilizer is a revolutionary product that can be used as a fertilizer, soil conditioner, soil amendment, and anti-compaction agent while remaining environmental and safe for humans and animals. For city and municipal authorities with green spaces in mind, Alfalfa Green Organic Fertilizers Nutrient fertilizer is just as good for your soil as it is for your flowers and grass.

Our organic alfalfa pellets are plant-based and offer a one-shop-stop solution to the many challenges faced by city planners and park managers. Nutrient is effective not only as a complete soil and plant fertility package, but also serves to maintain the tighter regulations that mandate the use of environmentally sustainable products.

Alfalfa Green Organic Fertilizers fertilizer provides versatility for all greenspace needs:

        • Reduces soil compaction, softens the soil
        • Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water, helping to improve drought resistance and flood damage
        • Non-corrosive, so lawn care equipment lasts longer
        • Safe for children, pets, and the environment
        • No applicator license required
Golf Courses

Golf course superintendents and turfgrass managers across Canada apply our alfalfa as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment to address a variety of challenges faced throughout the year. In many cases, turf problems cause unwanted work when the course is the busiest. These problems are inconvenient, but luckily, they are preventable, or at least treatable, with our line of Nutrient fertilizers by improving soil conditions and bringing life back to your soil.


Greenhouses benefit from using Alfalfa Green Organic Fertilizers alfalfa fertilizers in their potting mixes as a slow-release fertilizer and/or by using the tea as a quick nutrient boost. The fertilizer’s slow release of a wide range of micro- and macronutrients, minerals, amino acids, etc. make it the perfect addition to potting mix. Unlike conventional fertilizers, it takes approximately two weeks for the plants to make use of the nutrients. When they do, the results are noticeable; the foliage deepens to a darker green, the blooms get bigger, brighter, more abundant, and produce yields increase. GrowAnything!™️ Organic Fertilizer is the perfect organic amendment and fertilizer for your greenhouse business!

School Districts

Alongside municipalities, cities, and towns, school districts are making a conscious effort to use more natural products in their lawn and flower bed maintenance regimes. Alfalfa Green Organic Fertilizers Nutrient fertilizer is a logical choice. It is safe for the environment, pets, and family while remaining efficient and economical. The 4mm pellets are easy to apply and provide even coverage while being safe for the applicator. The slow-release characteristics of the pellets mean that there is no risk of nutrient burning and that the pellets will supply nutrients for more than a few days after application. Whether you mix GrowAnything!™️ Organic Fertilizer into your potting soil or broadcast the pellets on the surface of your lawns and sports grounds, you will see the results.

Our Nutrient fertilizer is organic, environmentally friendly, economical, long-lasting and worry-free. Why would you use anything else? Check out our testimonials from professionals who have used Alfalfa Green! 

Our team is happy to help you find the right fertilizer for your needs.