Directions for Use

Landscaping, Golf Courses, Sports fields, Parks

Whether it be sports fields, parks, golf courses, or front lawns, initial applications of Alfalfa Green on turf grass should be at a rate slightly higher than our recommended 0.5 mt/ac. Using a broadcast spreader, apply roughly 12 kg (25 lbs) per 1000 square feet, which works out to roughly 130 grams per square meter. Other equivalent rates are found in Figure 1.

For turf grass maintenance, apply 6 kg (13 lbs) per 1000 square feet every 60 days until mid-August, when applications should be discontinued.

Always water immediately after application to start pellet breakdown. 

Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Prior to general planting, apply roughly 12 kg (25 lbs) per 1000 square feet, which works out to roughly 130 grams per square meter. Rotor-till or dig area to mix the pellets in, and repeat every 60 days for increased yields. 

If top dressing, apply at rates that will give you the desired results. With no chance of burning, you can apply at whatever rate gets the desired results. 

Plants, Ornamentals and Shrubbery

Use one cup of Alfalfa Green Soil Nutrition per 30 cm (one foot) of weep line circumference. Keep material away from base of plants.

Top dress as required, but discontinue in August so plants have the opportunity to prepare for winter dormancy. 

Potted and Container Plants

100g (1/2 cup) of Alfalfa Green  Soil Nutrition should be used per 4.5 Litres (1 gallon) of soil mass. This is best done during potting or re-potting. This method can be used in conjunction with a monthly application of alfalfa tea (see instructions below).

In HUMID environments (such as a greenhouse), put Alfalfa Green into the bottom 2/3 of the pot and top with soil. 

Alfalfa Tea

To make Alfalfa Tea, soak 25g (1/8 cup) of Alfalfa Green pellets in 1L of water for 24 hours; or for a larger batch 400g (2 cups) and 20 lt (5 gallons). (Pellets can be placed in a sock if you wish to keep fibers separate) Use within 2 days or use aerator or bubbler to add oxygen to tea. Water plants as usual. You can re-soak Alfalfa Green up to 3 times.

Remaining fibers can be watered or worked  into soil, or used to boost/accelerate compost. If using a water tank, put 20 to 40 kg of Alfalfa Green per 1000 L of water (80 to 160 lbs per 500 gallons) into the tank. If the tank has an agitator, the Alfalfa Green can be sprayed on after about 20 minutes. Otherwise, allow the pellets to soak overnight and use the spray in the morning.

Do this once per month during the growing season, or as needed to achieve desired results.

Land Reclamation

When it comes to reclamation, the application rate depends on the project. 

For general soil reconditioning and remediation, broadcast 1-2 metric tonnes per acre. If the area is affected by salinity, applications of 3 metric tonnes of Alfalfa Green per acre are recommended. Nutrient deficient soils or soils with contamination issues should be treated with 4 metric tonnes of Alfalfa Green. 

          1-2 mt          – Soil reconditioning and remediation

          3 mt             – Saline soils

          4 mt             – Nutrient deficient or contaminated soils


mt/ac kg/m2 g/m2 lb/ft2
Turf Grass (Initial Application) 0.522 0.129 129 0.026
Turf Grass (Maintenance) 0.261 0.064 64 0.013
Turf Grass (Remediation- salinity/compaction) 3.00 0.741 741 0.152
Vegetable Gardens 0.522 0.129 129 0.026
Flower Gardens 0.522 0.129 129 0.026
Land Reclamation (Reconditioning) 1.00 0.247 247 0.051
Land Reclamation (Salinity) 3.00 0.741 741 0.152
Land Reclamation (Nutrient Deficiency) 4.00 0.988 988 0.202
Land Reclamation (Contamination) 4.00 0.988 988 0.202
g/L tsp/L lbs/gal tbsp/gal
Alfalfa Tea 16.5 4.8 0.10 6
Flower Pots 22.00 6.5 0.15 8