What Our Clients Are Talking About

Retail Customers

Your product is fantastic! I use it whenever I plant a new perennial sprinkling it in the planting hole with a bit of compost. I also use it the same way when planting out tomatoes and as a top dressing on established plants its especially effective on tall bearded iris.

– Lenore

“Personally, I love the new product. It is so much easier to spread. I put some on my lawn last fall and it greened up beautifully this spring.”

– Toby, Foreman Parks and Recreation

“I had purchased Alfalfa Green to fertilize my lawn. Not only did I have a beautiful dark green lawn that summer but instead of accelerating the grass growth like other fertilizers, I actually only had to cut it twice all summer.”

– Jennifer

I have been using Alfalfa Green Soil Nutrition on Roses vegetable and grass. I have noticed a lot faster and better results of plants growing the grass is darker color than using the traditional chemical fertilizer. I feel so much more comfortable when the grandchildren come to play in my yard and I have not had to use a chemical on grass.

– Norm

This is the first year that I used Alfalfa Green pellets on a trial basis in my garden. I used it mainly for tomatoes, cabbage, peas, onions, zucchinis and hanging pots. The results were amazing! The plants grew bigger, had darker green leaves and produced much more and larger vegetables. Alfalfa Green is safe for the environment and there is no chance of burning from overuse of this slow release fertilizer and soil nutrient. I highly recommend to gardeners to use Alfalfa Green in your yard and garden.

– Glen

I knew from having lived in Toronto that stores in that city had taken cosmetics lawn chemical amendments has not been banned is Saskatchewan or in my small town, I knew I  did not want to use those products on my lawn, on my trees, or near my garden area. So, I gave “Alfalfa Green” a try. I hand sprinkled my lawn with the Alfalfa Green in the spring before the snow melted. I have been doing this for the past 3 years, once a year, in the spring before the snow melts. There is not much to it; I just toss a handful of the pellets all over the lawn area, as I am walking. I also put some around big pine tree in the front of the yard, the oak trees and all other trees and shrubs, and in the garden area in my yard. I can honestly say that after 3 years, it is now habit—I have unleashed my yard from chemicals. I love it—it is more natural, more in tune with nature. Especially appreciate this when I see that first spinach growing naturally in my garden when there is still snow on the ground and by May when I eat that spinach in first salad of the year. I grow the most amazing garden produce—everything from arugula, kale, and swiss chard to Hungarian hot peppers, yellow peppers, jalapeno peppers, Saskatoon berries, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and herbs as well. Everything is doing well, I must attribute this to the Alfalfa Green   pellets. And the fact that in my entire yard I do not use chemicals. Everything is so much better. As a human beings we tend to stick with a habit, and that is why it is easier it just keep using lawn chemicals, and because they are so readily available. But, old habits can be changed, and “Alfalfa Green” is the product that got my lawn and garden off chemicals.

– Norm

Agriculture Customers

We us Alfalfa Green as part of our nutrient program for our garlic crops. The size, shape, and density of the pellets make them very flowable and easy to work with. I certainly recommend using the Alfalfa Green as a natural fertilizer for farmers and market gardeners growing high value crops.

– Darrel

Our soil was in need of some nutrient input. As we running a veganic carrot producing farm. We came across Alfalfa Green pellets. We are very impressed with the results that have come from using these. We will definitely continue using Alfalfa Green pellets in our farming program.

– Alistair

I have been using WAMCO’s organic Alfalfa Green pellets now for 5 years in one form or another. As a mixed farm I find to be an excellent multi-purpose input. I use Alfalfa Green for initial soil amending in our high production strawberry and veggie fields and in our potting mixes. I love the way the pellets expand when hit by moisture increasing organic matter in our clay soils.

– Adam

The Alfalfa Green pellets are an efficient and easy way to deliver Nitrogen to plants, along with the Calcium- which can be a difficult element make available to crops without altering soil pH. We use the Alfalfa Green pellets as a fertilizers for our potatoes because we are always concerned about the potential for pathogens and disease causing organisms that are sometimes present in composted animal manure. Potatoes respond well to Alfalfa Green.

– Brendan

I have been using Alfalfa Green for 4 years on my strawberries and potted orchard. It is a perfect fertilizer. It is slowly releases nutrients into the soil every time it rains or I water. The Alfalfa pellets soften and become a mulch, which helps control weeds and reduces water requirements. Very easy to apply by hand or spreader. I highly recommend Alfalfa Green.

– Dean

I put down 65 lbs per acre with the seed using the slow speed gear on our drill. I could change it up this year to a high-speed setting to put more down, but I don’t know if that is necessary seeing the result we got with 65 lbs. I was very happy with the results and I think the soil will only improve with this kind of treatment.

– Barry

 As an organic market gardener finding economical, user-friendly fertilizer can be an issue. We were told about Alpha Green Nutrient Pure, so decided to give it a try. We used the fertilizer attachment on our potato planter to put on a blend of compost and the organic alfalfa pellets. It fed through perfectly and we were told by our potato customers that our potatoes were the best they ever tasted. This was the first year we applied the pellets, and the first year we got those compliments.

When we transplanted out peppers and tomatoes, we put a cup of pellets at the roots, and they grew well and produced fantastically. In our garden bed preparations, we applied a generous amount of pellets and everything responded the same, with great production.

We will continue our use of Alpha Green Nutrient Pure pellets in our operation. 

– Dan

Turfgrass & Parks

We bought the product primarily for use on our sports fields. The Alfalfa Green was easy to spread and convenient as we did not have to worry about over applying. As well, it’s nice that it is an organic product rather than being a synthetic chemical. We found the results satisfactory. We used it on all of our 29 sports fields. We were pleased with the results on our sports fields, we will again be using Alfalfa Green on our sports fields as well as trying it on some of our flower beds and pots.

– Barb

We bought the product primarily for use in conjunction with our topdressing program on sports fields and turf areas. We applied Alfalfa Green on our sports fields in June and again August according to manufactures specs. Incorporating the product into our turf management, flower planting as well trees planting programs.

– Ed

As a head landscaper of a property which each week provides camp and many outdoor activities for over 400 children. I recently had the opportunity to try out the Alfalfa Green Fertilizer 3-0-2 on very badly damaged turf areas. It was performed equally well. Considering that we acre for over four hundred children each week, it is comforting to know that this product is safe for the environment and children while still maintaining quality and performing well.

– Gordon

I did apply some of the Alfalfa Green this spring on one side of a blvd. To do a direct comparison with synthetic fertilizer. When it was dry, I noticed that the grass that had the Alfalfa Green pellets applied looked less stressed, and the grass seemed to be a little more resilient.

– Jared

Alfalfa Green Soil Nutrient Pellets have helped us to enhance our landscape maintenance program and health of the gardens at Golf and Country Club specifically, it has allowed us to grow quality perennials in areas that are exposed to road salt. After applying a Alfalfa Green to the gardens, growing conditions improved which has resulted in greater leafing, colour, and quality of the blossoms. I choose Alfalfa Green because it’s good organic fertilizer. It helps buffer the effects of salt damage, it assists with keeping moisture in the soil, and adds valuable to the soil.

– Marek

Applied Alfalfa Green twice throughout the season, to this landscaped area and distributed it by hand. Once the bed started to mature, I noticed one section exhibited significantly more growth and the flower colour was more intense. The plants appeared much more vigorous than the other sections. Obviously, this section received more Alfalfa Green than the others. I am very excited to achieve results like this with natural product.

– Laura

Alfalfa Green is a great way to boost the nutrient levels in the soil. The high amount of the organic matter is very beneficial for the soil. It is feeding the soil and makes a great addition to our intensive amendment program for our greenhouse soil.

– Andrew

All flower pots, beds and baskets were amended with the Alfalfa Green before planting and the results were amazing. I would recommend the product to anyone. The plants were strong and healthy and lasted well into October before being removed for the season.

– Ken

We have been test trialing Alfalfa Green fertilizer as a topdressing to help combat compaction in our parks. We have observed that area containing Alfalfa Green is less compact than control plot. This product was easy to apply. Pellets blended well with the turfgrass and were completely broken down within 14 days after applying.

– Jenna

During the past 3 years the Community Services Department has been using your Alfalfa Green pellets in our flower beds and sports grounds. We have found the flowers and grounds have greatly improve in growth since we started using your product.

– Gord

We had applied the Certified Organic Alfalfa Green Pellets on our soccer field and ball diamonds in early spring. We witnessed an increase growth and thickness of its turf, especially in the bare areas, such as goal creases on the soccer pitch. We also noticed a lot less weeds than usual, and as a result we did not spray chemically for weeds this season.

– Calvin

I am writing this letter as a testimonial of the positive effects that we saw when we applied your Alfalfa Green product to our green spaces. There was a definite increase in soil quality which weas noticeable by the dark green color of the grass in the areas that the product applied. We also found that the grass was fuller in those areas which helped with weed control.

– John

As an organic fertilizer, I really like this product as it is made from plant material rather than manure based products. It’s almost impossible to apply too much (no risk of burning plants) and it’s very effective for adding organic matter & micronutrients into depleted soils and increasing microbial activity in soil. I highly recommend this product.

– Jared

We bought the product primarily for use in flower pots throughout the city. I was looking for a more convenient organic fertilizer option. I went with Alfalfa Green and applied it to our flower beds and pots at a rate of one cup per foot of weep line circumference. The Alfalfa Green was easy to handle and apply and was more convenient than some organic fertilizers. In July I observed that the flowers seem to be doing better than in previous years. The blooms leaves and foliage appear larger and the colouring perhaps a bit deeper and more vibrant than normal.

– Shannon

I wish to communicate the excellent results the City of Saskatoon Parks Branch has experienced with Certified Organic Alfalfa ¼ pellet product. The City of Saskatoon Parks Branch has been amending some East side perennial shrub beds and annual flower beds with your alfalfa pellets. We have found the Alfalfa Green pellets when added to the surface at a rate of 10 kg per 100 meter sq. have definitely improved soil structure within our beds constructed over clay substrates. The slow release source of Nitrogen and other micro elements available in the Alfalfa product never burn our plants. I believe the greatest benefit of this organic alfalfa product is it encourages microbial activity within the soils of our beds providing a natural feeding of plant material. Another benefit is the organic alfalfa pellets fit so well our continued goal of reduced pesticide use within City if Saskatoon parks.

– Gerald